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    All About Saltwater Pools

    Saltwater System Maintenance Properly controlling a salt water chlorinator – There are three things that are important when using salt water chlorination: 1.  Keep the proper level of salt and stabilizer in the pool Most salt water chlorinators require a 2500 – 3000 parts per million salt concentration in the water.  This can barely be […]

  • Open Your Pool for the Summer

    How Do I Open My Pool? There are plenty of things to do to prepare your pool for the Summer. Below is a Physical Maintenance Self-Checklist and a Chemical Priority List. Physical Maintenance Self-Checklist Remove, clean, fold and store pool cover. Test water balance; adjust calcium, Alkalinity, and pH levels. Replace stored items; ladders, auto […]

  • Algae Treatment – Kill Your Algae Fast!

    Algae are microscopic forms of plant life that enter the pool by rain, wind and dust storms; there are numerous varieties and colors of algae, such as: black, green, yellow. Some are free floating, while others grow on pool walls, and surfaces, making those surfaces slimy and discolored. Many factors may contribute to the growth […]

  • Pool 1-2-3

    Pool Chemistry: 1-2-3 When treating a pool it’s always important to add chemicals in the appropriate order. We’ve broken down the basic parts components of water for you to make it easy. Always test and treat your water in the following order. 1: Balancers: PH, Alkalinity, Hardness, Cyanuric Acid   PH: PH scale measures the […]