• Quadra-Fire 4300 Millennium


    • Fan System – Add $309.00
    • Outside Air Kit – Add $59.00
    • Black or Nickel Upgrade Kit – Add $59.00

    Product Details

    *Priced and Shown in Classic Black

    Load. Light. Live. The 4300 Millennium is two inches deeper than our 3100 firebox, but it uses the same Quadra-Fire four-point combustion design and easy-to-use controls. After lighting your fire, close the door and engage the start-up air control. After the fire is lit, the stove will turn down to your desired burn rate.

    All Quadra-Fire Millennium stoves come standard with a pedestal and one-piece top giving the stove a simple, clean-line design. Thick plate steel, heavy duty hinges, and a fully welded, brick-lined firebox will give you years of dependable everyday use.


    • Precision air controls with labels for easy operation
    • Automatic Combustion Control for easy lighting
    • Patented four-point Quadra-Fire combustion system
    • Durable welded steel construction
    • Firebrick lined firebox
    • High temperature classic black finish with gold accents
    • Convective heat shields
    • Easy & Safe Front-to-Back Log Loading
    • Mobile Home Approved
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty


    • Door upgrade kit in satin nickel (includes spring handles and hinge pins)
    • Convection blower with adjustable speed and temperature switch
    • Outside air kit


    • 11,800 to 38,300 Btu/hr with EPA test fuel
    • Up to 57,370 Btu/hr using cord wood
    • Heating Capacity: up to 2,400 sq. ft. †
    • Maximum Log Length: 20”, 18″ Ideal
    • Firebox Capacity: 2.4 cubic feet
    • EPA Certified: 1.1 grams/hour






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