• Harman Accentra

    Product Details

    **As Shown In Black**

    The Accentra makes it easier than ever to enjoy the warmth and convenience of pellet heat. Maintenance is easy—and rare. A large ash pan lets you burn nearly one ton of pellets before emptying is needed. And, with the optional cast iron hearth pad and outside air kit, you can install the Accentra where other pellet stoves can’t go.
    40,000 BTUs — heats 900 to 2,400 square feet, based on climate and home efficiency
    50 lb. hopper capacity
    Clean, elegant cast iron styling
    Keep your room temperature exactly where you want it. Exhaust sensing technology constantly monitors and adjusts heat levels within 1 degree

    Consistent Temperature
    The Accentra does not use a thermostat, but rather a tiny sensing probe that sends information to the microprocessor on the stove. This information is used to feed the proper amount of fuel at the right time to keep you warm and comfortable. The Accentra also has a Stove Temp Mode that allows you to set the stove temperature as desired rather than the room temperature.


    • ESP Control
    • Automatic Ignition
    • Room Sensor
    • Harman Quality, Fit, & Finish
    • Fresh, Clean Design
    • Cast Iron Heat Exchanger – provides greater heat exchange surface in less space
    • Cast Iron Feeder, Patented
    • Tinted Glass Hopper Lid
    • 50 Pound Hopper Capacity
    • Quiet Operation
    • 0-40,000 BTUs


    • Enamel Finish
    • Custom Colors
    • Cast Iron Hearth Pad (28-5/8″ x 24-1/16″)

    Accentra Color Options

    • Black
    • Majolica Brown






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