• Algae Treatment – Kill Your Algae Fast!

    Algae are microscopic forms of plant life that enter the pool by rain, wind and dust storms; there are numerous varieties and colors of algae, such as: black, green, yellow. Some are free floating, while others grow on pool walls, and surfaces, making those surfaces slimy and discolored.

    Many factors may contribute to the growth of algae. To know the reason why your pool might grow algae, consider some of the following questions:

    • How much sunlight does my pool absorb?
    • Do I have enough sanitizer in my pool?
    • Is my pool circulating and filtering enough?
    • Are there Phosphates in my water?

    Algae thrive in warm, still and poorly sanitized waters. Maintaining the correct amount of circulation and sanitation in your pool is important to help combat the growth of algae—especially on a hot day. Sanitizers have the ability to kill and prevent visible algae; however, algae spores may remain in the water. Algaecides are best recommended to be used in combination with your sanitizer to eliminate the potential for spores to bloom. While treating algae in your pool, always check for phosphates. Phosphates are biological building blocks; nutrients that feed algae while interfering with your sanitizer’s ability to do its job. Phosphates may be released into the water not only from dead algae but also from rain, trees, air, and everyday soaps, detergents, and shampoos.

    What to Do:

    Always be sure that your filter system is clean before beginning the algae clean-up process.

    For common algae, follow these easy steps:

    1. Remove any large visible biomass (algae, leaves, debris, etc…) manually or with a vacuum before treating your pool with chemicals.
    2. Test water to ensure PH and Alkalinity levels are okay. Also test to ensure there are not high levels of phosphates.
    3. Circulate a “Killing Treatment” amount of algaecide in your pool for 30-60 minutes.
    4. “Double Shock” your pool with the appropriate “Shock”.
    5. Allow the Algaecide & Shock to circulate through your Pool for a minimum of 24 hours before seeing results.

    It may take several days for your pool to turn to a clear state. Consider using a Flocculent or Clarifier to speed this process along. Morton’s always recommends speaking with a professional when using chemicals that you are unfamiliar with.

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