Grills and Smokers

We offer specialty Grills and Smokers which will change your entire style of Cooking. Whether you’re an expert chef or just cook for fun, our grills add great flavor to any food and are easy to use!

Primo – Lump Charcoal Smoker and Grills

Our three Primo models allow you to choose the one which best meets your needs. Two of our models feature our patented oval shape, giving you maximum flexibility and unique accessories. Whichever Primo you choose, you’ll feel confident you have a top of the line product.

Green Mountain – Pellet Grills

Cook with clean hardwood pellets and without messy charcoal dust, smelly lighter fluid, explosive gas, and dangerous igniters.


The Good One – Specialty BBQ’s

Ace Of Hearts ™ BBQ, home of The Good-One ™ smokers/grills, where delicious BBQ taste meets dependable outdoor cooking! The innovative design of the Good-One ™ Smoker/Grill moves the heat and smoke over the meat for uniform cooking perfection. It holds the heat at the right temperature for the old-fashioned pit BBQ taste.




The Madera Pellet Grill

Finally A hearty strong USA-made pellet grill that will allow you to enjoy the flavors of wood-fired cooking with the convenience and control of the Madera Pellet Grill. You can also smoke, grill, bbq and bake with easy to use digital controls.