• Eco Spa E6

    Product Details

    The majority of Eco Spa customers have owned one or more spas in the past.  What we learn from them is they appreciate the simplicity,  durability and practicality of our spas.  Eco Spa hot tubs are engineered differently from the ground up utilizing different building materials and design concepts that other spa manufacturers do not offer.

    Eco Spas include the only factory installed, totally insulated, “Lifetime” safety covers with built on cover lifters. Cover removal and replacement doesn’t get any easier. Cover odors are eliminated. Cover replacement is eliminated and all with exceptional energy efficiency.  Eco Spas were designed with 8 removable panels to allow easy access to all internal components, the spa jets and the plumbing. Easy access equipment makes electrical hook up simple and future servicing doesn’t get any easier.  The Uni-Piece construction of Eco Spas adds extreme strength to the spa body. The fusion of the foot well area to the main shell and the internal sub frame structural supports mean that your spa is built like no other in the market and it will provide relaxation for many, many years to come.
    Platinum upgrade package available
    • AOP UV Purifier
    • High Speed Massage Pump
    • Programmable Circulation Pump
    • 4 HP High Spped Massage Pump
    • 12 Additional Jets


    • Seating – 6
    • Size with cover – 78” x 78” x 34.5”H
    • Water capacity – 290 gallons
    • Dry weight – 560 lbs.
    • Jets – 20
    • Cover – Easy Open Eco-Hard Cover
    **Please Contact Us for current available sizes and pricing

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