• Regency F3500 Large Hybrid Catalytic Woodstove

    Product Details

    Best Size For Average Living Areas

    For small to medium living areas you can enjoy all of the fire power and styling of the F5100 in a more compact model. One of the greatest assets of Eco-Boost™ technology is that you can enjoy a full, roaring fire with strong heat or use the single lever air control, conveniently located on the front of the stove to adjust the flame to enjoy lower heat and gorgeous glowing embers. The choice is yours!

    How it Looks:

    • Eco-Boost™ Technology
    • Single lever bypass control to engage catalyst
    • Single-lever air control to adjust heat output
    • Brick-lined firebox
    • Rear heat deflector
    • Airwash system helps keep the glass clean
    • Discreet ashlip
    • Contemporary cast iron door in black
    • 170° opening door for easy loading
    • Thermometer
    • Heavy duty 3/16 in. steel firebox
    • Positive cam latching system

    How it Works:

    • The catalytic combustor with heavy duty cast iron damper permits the wood stove to burn slowly, providing a long, consistent burn, delivering 24 hours or more* of heat with from a single load of wood.
    • Eco-boost Technology ensures maximum re-burn of products of combustion before making their way to the combustor.
    • Fuel is utilized to its full potential with only 1.1 g/hr of emissions and 87.1% efficiency!
    • Load up to 60 lbs of wood at a time for 24+ hours* of consistent, reliable heat.
    • Airwash system helps keep the glass clean

    * Length of burn time and BTU output depend upon wood species used, moisture content of wood, elevation, climate conditions and installation.

    Maximum BTU 75,000
    Optimum Efficiency 87.1%
    Hopper Size 60 lbs
    Emissions (gms/hr) 1.1
    View Area 180 sq. in.
    Room Size 2250 sq. ft.
    Unit Dimensions
    Width (front) 26
    Height 36″
    Depth 24.4375″


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