• Ironstrike Epic

    Product Details

    The Epic™ combines the timeless, enchanting appeal of a wood fire with the convenience and ease of gas. With customization opportunities and a huge bay window providing a mesmerizing view of the fire, the Epic integrates seamlessly into your existing home décor. A sophisticated burn technology and a large heat exchanger efficiently produce and transfer heat. The Epic is sure to warm the body as well as the soul.

    • Includes a standard orifice kit that allows the stove to be installed with a choice of heat outputs – 33,000 or 40,000 BTUs.
    • Durable, high-efficiency 500-sq.-in. heat exchanger for dependable, even heating.
    • Heavy-duty steel construction ensures stability and durability.
    • 150-CFM variable speed blower provides optimal and steady heat circulation.
    • Integrated plug for remote thermostat hookup eliminates external cords.
    • No hearth pad required when installed on non-combustible floor or carpet with less than 1-1/2″ pile.

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