• Regency LRI6E

    Product Details

    The Liberty Radiant Series is the latest addition to Regency’s 35 year tradition of building beautifully designed, reliable, high efficiency direct vent heaters backed by the industry’s best warranty.
    Regency designers have created tasteful faceplates and accents for optimum customization. Because Regency’s name is synonymous with quality and style, every Liberty® includes a heat circulating blower and Proflame remote control.
    This high efficiency heater combines intense radiant heat to instantly warm the area in front of your fireplace, adds natural convection and pushes all that heat to the far corners of your room with a standard heat circulating blower.
    This designer insert will operate safely and reliably, even during power outages.
    Specifications NG LP
    Maximum BTU 38,000 38,000
    Turn Down BTU 25,000 30,000
    Efficiency 84.00% 84.00%
    EnerGuide Rating 73.72% 75.69%
    View Area 540 sq. in.
    Room Size Large
    Vent Type Direct Vent
    Min. Fireplace Opening*
    Width (front) 34″
    Width (back) 25″
    Height 24″
    Depth 16.75″

    *May require spacer

    How it Looks:

    • Efficient upgrade to keep the heat in your home
    • Firebox mimics the style and elegance of a real wood fire
    • Heat radiating ceramic glass provides maximum warmth
    • Realistic logs with beautiful flames and glowing ceramic ember bed

    How it Works:

    • Proflame remote control (included)
    • Safety screen (included)
    • Whisper quiet variable speed blower to push the heat
    • Electronic Ignition with SureFire switch
    • Direct vent technology protects your in-home air quality
    • Operates on natural gas or propane

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