• Quadra-Fire Mt. Vernon AE Insert

    Product Details

    Nothing is more inviting than a warm welcoming fire on a cold evening. That’s why more families select the extra-large Mt. Vernon AE fireplace insert. Its powerful engine can produce enough heat to softly warm your home day in and day out. But unlike most pellet burning inserts, the Mt. Vernon AE Insert features comfort-quiet blowers, so that even on the coldest days you’ll have to strain to hear it.

    The Mt. Vernon AE Insert burns a wide variety of biofuels, including wood pellets in various grades, 100% corn, sunflower seeds, and wheat. You simply choose the most economical source for your area. The Mt. Vernon AE Insert makes all the adjustments for the best burn possible.


    • Classic black finish
    • Cast iron fluted fire back
    • Airfoil heat exchanger
    • Comfort-quiet blowers
    • Firepot auto clean system
    • Automatic lighting and operation programs for different fuels
    • Programmable thermostat wall control


    • Sienna bronze or willow baked enamel finish
    • Porcelain mahogany finish
    • Log set
    • Surround panels with matching cast iron trim
    • Basic surround panels with gold or black nickel trim
    • Adjustable hearth support
    • Outside air kit
    • 6 foot 12-volt power cord (for power outage)


    • Btu/Hour Input: 14,620 to 60,200
    • Heating capacity: 2,400 to 3,800 sq. ft.*†
    • Feed rate: 1.7 – 7.0 lbs/hour
    • Hopper capacity: 56 lbs.
    • Overall efficiency: 81.4% – 83.6%
    • Weight: 425 lbs.
      **Depending on region






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