• Quadra-Fire Mt. Vernon AE

    Product Details

    *Shown and Priced in Classic Black

    The Mt. Vernon AE is technically advanced to operate automatically, and has comfort-quiet blowers, so you won’t even know it is providing some of the most efficient heat available. Designed as a centerpiece for your home, the Mt. Vernon AE is beautifully crafted from traditional cast iron for a lifetime of warm memories.

    The Mt. Vernon AE burns a wide variety of biofuels, including wood pellets in various grades, 100% corn, sunflower seeds, and wheat. You simply choose the most economical source for your area. The Mt. Vernon AE makes all the adjustments for the best burn possible.


    • Classic Black Finish
    • Cast iron fluted fire back
    • Airfoil heat exchanger
    • Comfort-quiet blowers
    • Firepot auto clean system
    • Automatic lighting and operation programs for different fuels
    • Programmable thermostat wall control


    • Sienna bronze or willow baked enamel finish
    • Porcelain Mahogany Finish
    • Log set
    • Cast iron warming shelves
    • Outside air kit
    • 6 foot 12-volt power cord (for power outage)


    • BTU Input: 14,620 to 60,200
    • Heating Capacity: 2,400 to 3,800 sq. ft. †
    • Feed Rate: 1.7 – 7.0 lbs/hour
    • Hopper Capacity: 81 lbs.
    • Overall Efficiency: 81.4% – 83.6%
    • Weight: 425 lbs.

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