• Harman Oakleaf

    Product Details

    The top load feature allows maximum amount of wood to be loaded, and the large ash pan means less emptying and more time enjoying the warmth of your home. The well known Harman style of the Oakleaf features quality castings and color options.Combined with a high efficiency, the Oakleaf saves time, money and the environment. Heats up to 1,700 Sq. Ft. with maximum of 35,000 BTU’s. Holds up to 18″ Log. 410 Lbs of heavy cast iron construction gives long heat life. Optional blower available.
    • 35,000 BTU’s- heat 1,000 to 2,600 sq. ft. Based on climate and home efficiency
    • 1.7 cu ft. firebox capacity/18” maximum log length
    • Up to 17 hours of steady, even heat from each load of wood
    • Top loading for easier loading; larger loads and less mess
    • Firedome combustion system
    • Long burn times
    • Ash pan
    • Top or rear flue convertible
    • Top and front loading


    • Cooking grill
    • Bottom heat shield
    • Upper rear heat shield
    • 150 cfm fan Kit
    • Outside air kit

    Oakleaf’s Optional Cooking Grill
    The Oakleaf’s optional cooking grill allows you to grill your favorite meats and vegetables without altering your home’s air quality. This stainless steel grill is easy to remove and clean.






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