• P61A

    Product Details

    **As Shown in Black w/ Nickel Trim and Lighthouse Tile

    The Harman P61A Pellet Stove relies on state-of-the-art technology to automatically adjust itself to your desired room temperature. Simply pour your pellets into the convenient top-loading hopper and set the temperature dial on your P61A. If the room is much cooler than the set temperature, the P61A will produce a large fire in order to quickly reach the desired temperature. If only a slight increase is needed, the P61A will burn a small fire. This way, no energy is wasted by overshooting your predetermined temperature level.

    In addition to adjusting temperature levels, the P61A will automatically adjust itself for fuel quality. An ESP (Exhaust Sensing Probe) analyzes the output of the fuel being burned and adjusts the feed rate accordingly to increase fuel quality.

    The P61A’s high efficiency allows you to burn less fuel to heat the same area as the competitor’s stoves. Since the stove adjusts automatically to produce the correct amount of heat, it is the best choice even if you never need 61,000 BTUs. Ash removal is quick, easy, and can be done while the stove is in operation. Normally ashes need only be removed every one to two months.

    To perform annual cleaning, simply unlatch and remove the blower cover located behind the ash pan. Now the venting system can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and brush.


    • ESP Control
    • Room Sensor
    • Patented Feeder
    • Patented Burn Pot
    • Large Ash Pan
    • Swing Open Ash Door
    • Accordion Heat Exchanger
    • Air-Cooled Combustion Blower
    • Super Easy Cleaning
    • More than 100 Square Inches Of Glass
    • P61A Automatic Ignition


    • Side Heat Shields
    • Hopper Extension
    • Ceramic Log Set For a Wood Fire Look
    • Tile Pack
    • Gold Door
    • Gold Air Grill
    Constant Temperature
    The P61/P61A will provide the exact amount of heat necessary to heat your home to the desired temperature. The temperature remains constant without all the ups and downs that happen with other brands of pellet stoves. The P61/P61A does not use a thermostat as do other pellet stoves, but rather a tiny sensing probe that sends information to the microprocessor on the stove. This information is used to feed the proper amount of fuel at the right time to keep you warm and comfortable. The P61/P61A also has a Stove Temp Mode that allows you to set the stove temperature as desired rather than the room temperature.

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