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Pellet Fuel

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are very fortunate to have access to one of the least expensive, while yet still one of the most efficient sources of heat; wood pellets. Heat your home with the touch of a button, and maintain constant comfort with thermostat control. With pellet being one of the cleanest burning fuel sources, your concerns of battling bugs and hauling firewood are behind you.




Wood Fuel

Nothing compares to the tangible heat, long burn times and crackling sound of burning real wood to heat your home. Bugs? Maybe. Splinters? Possibly. Efficient heat for your whole home? Absolutely. Bring this traditional heating method into the 21st century with any of our modern and advanced wood stoves. Efficiencies peaking over 90%, means you’ll burn less fuel, which means saving money, which in turn allows you to keep your focus where you want it.



Heat N Glo 6000C Arcadia Front Gas Insert

Natural Gas & Propane

Gas. I said it. Get your giggles out now. Not to say that we didn’t laugh ourselves, because we most definitely did. However, gas, in this case, is actually referring to the most cost effective method of heating your home; Natural Gas. Most gas burning units allow for Natural Gas, (NG) or propane, (LP) burning. Heat your home with a remote controlled unit, and instantly add character to any brick fireplace. (Beans sold separately)