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Wood Stoves

Freestanding Wood Stoves

Do you remember standing by your family wood stove as a kid and feeling that incomparable heat? Well guess what,  they still make those stoves! I know! It’s awesome right? Today’s stoves draw from the traditional ideal of burning wood to heat homes, but have been designed so efficiently that they burn less wood while creating more heat. Our wood stoves range from looks that you’ve seen before, to units that have no parallel!



Wood Burning Inserts

Go from 25% efficient to upwards of 90% efficient with the addition of a Wood Insert. Finish the desired look to complete your fireplace and accomplish your heating goals with ease. Don’t worry, Santa can still come down your chimney.






Wood Burning Fireplaces

Don’t have a fireplace but want one? Look no further. Within a few steps, you can create the traditional look of an authentic fireplace, but with all of today’s modern amenities.