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Morton’s is a Proud Supplier of Bullfrog Spas: Customized, Energy Efficient Hot Tub Design

Morton’s Stoves, Pools & Spas carries premium spas with a variety of customizable options to choose from. We are a proud supplier of Bullfrog Spas, a world leader in wood-free spa construction.

Bullfrog Spas have carved a niche in the hot tub market by developing a patented system called Jetpak Therapy.

This technology features detachable jet panels and jet massage adjustment options, offering “perfectly personalized relaxation.”

The Best Hot Tubs are Energy Efficient

Hot tubs are engineered for comfort and relaxation. But, Bullfrog Spas has raised the bar on both of those elements.

By combining adjustable jet intensity with Jetpak panels that can be moved around the tub – their spas are not only luxurious, they boast incredible energy efficiency.

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How much does it cost to operate a hot tub?

Bullfrog Spas’ technology is designed to use 90% less plumbing with the help of efficient equipment. And less plumbing means less friction and energy needed to push water through the jets, saving you more than ten dollars a month on operating costs in comparison to similar spa brands.

Our hot tubs also utilize a water delivery system called H2Air Manifold. This is integrated with the JetPak and submerged in the hot water. This means that more heat is transferred to the spa water instead of being lost to the outside environment.

All Bullfrog Spas’ models meet stringent energy efficiency guidelines and are ‘full foam insulated’ to prevent additional heat escape.

No relaxation pursuit is complete without the peace of mind of saving energy and money. So, stop by Morton’s hot tub store in Battle Ground, Washington to browse our selection of premium, affordable hot tubs.

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Are Hot Tubs Hard to Maintain?

Not at all. In fact, Bullfrog Spas are most commonly praised for their ease of operation and low monthly energy costs.

However, if problems arise, or you need help keeping your spa in the best shape possible, Morton’s offers professional service for the lifetime of your tub.

Our store in Battle Ground also carries all the additional supplies you need for your tub including chemicals, cleaning supplies, steps, covers, and headrests.

Please visit our service and repair page for more information on the spa repair and service teams we work with.

We also have our own certified in-house team, Accurate Installers LLC, who can help with almost all spa repairs and installations.

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