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Personalized, Low-Maintenance, Energy Efficient Hot Tubs

At Morton’s Stoves, Pools & Spas, we believe in offering Vancouver, Washington more than a place to buy products to enhance the comfort of their homes. We believe in creating lasting relationships, too.

Our local, independently owned shop means Vancouver residents have a reliable partner for all of their stove, pool, and spa needs. And it’s our goal to provide them with the best experience possible. That’s why we only partner with manufacturers who have similarly high-standards when it comes to customer experience.


What kind of hot tubs does Morton’s carry?

The hot tubs we carry at Morton’s have been hand-selected for their proven above-the-norm performance. Our preferred brand, Bullfrog Spas, are both uniquely customizable, remarkably low-maintenance, and easy on the energy bill.

Bullfrog Spas have created their own niche in the crowded hot tub market by developing a patented system called Jetpak Therapy.

The models we carry feature personalized jet-massage options and ultra-efficient plumbing with minimal friction to provide more power to all the jets without compromising pressure.

Buffrog Spas describes the end result as “perfectly personalized relaxation.”

Does Morton’s provide service for hot tubs?

Yes! Morton’s is your partner from the initial selection to years-down-the-road repairs and routine maintenance.

Our in-house hot tub service company can help you with diagnosis, repair, and maintaining the health of your tub throughout the year with cleaning and chemical treatment.

See our service and repair page for more details.

Keeping your hot tub water clean and clear is simple with Bullfrog Spas’ proprietary water care system. The system works in tandem with sanitizing agents and an efficient filtration system so you can enjoy your spa without worry.

We love Bullfrog Spas’ dual filter system and Microban® technology – helping to remove contaminants and maximize filtration without disrupting the flow. Filters are also easily accessible for no-hassle cleaning.

Hot Tubs in Vancouver WA


Isn’t hot tub ownership expensive?

It doesn’t have to be! One of Morton’s goals is to provide an easy shopping experience for Vancouver residents. And part of that ease is offering the most practical and affordable premium spas available.

We sell Bullfrog Spas because their products rely on efficient equipment that uses 90% less plumbing. This means that the friction and energy needed to carry water through the jets is minimized, lowering the overall cost of operation.

The hot tubs we sell and install also rely on a system of water delivery called “H2Air Manifold.” This technology is built into the JetPak itself, which remains submerged in hot water. The heat that’s transferred recirculates in the spa water instead of being wasted.

All of our Bullfrog models meet strict energy efficiency standards and are insulated better than other models to prevent additional heat escape.

At-home comfort isn’t complete without the assurance of saving money and energy. So, stop by Morton’s hot tub store in Vancouver, Washington to shop our wide range of premium hot tubs from Bullfrog Spas.

Hot Tub Store in Vancouver WA

Aren’t hot tubs high-maintenance?

Not at all. A hot tub from Morton’s means you’re investing in a no-hassle home-comfort experience. We chose to supply Bullfrog Spas due to their incredible ease of operation and minimal energy demand.

If you have any issues with your hot tub, have any questions, or need assistance keeping your tub in good shape, Morton’s is here to help. Just give us a call to talk to a real person who knows our products inside and out.

Our shop on Mill Plain in Vancouver also houses all the extra supplies you might need for your tub including chemicals, cleaning supplies, steps, covers, headrests, and friendly, helpful salespeople.


Call or stop by Morton’s Stoves, Pools & Spas in Vancouver, WA. Our knowledgeable salespeople will help you find a great hot tub and an even greater shopping experience.


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