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Here in the Pacific Northwest, it’s practical to have one of the most affordable and efficient sources of heat right in our homes – a classic wood-burning stove.

But heating our homes with chopped wood isn’t the only option anymore.

At the touch of a button, we can maintain constant comfort with high-efficiency wood pellets.

Morton’s wood stove shop in Battle Ground offers a wide variety of pellet stove models and styles for your home.

Wood Pellets

What are wood pellets?

Pellets are a very common, clean-burning biomass fuel recycled from compacted sawdust and waste products from wood manufacturing. Pellets eliminate the risk of bringing pests into your home and offer a convenient alternative to chopping and transporting wood logs.

A pellet stove is much easier to operate than a traditional wood-burning stove with upwards of fifteen hours of burn time.

Wood pellets are preferred for their ability to burn cleanly and with little waste. And because the material is so compact, pellets take up less storage space than multiple cords of firewood with comparable burning time.

In addition to a high-quality selection of pellet stoves, Morton’s keeps a variety of wood pellets on-hand for your home heating needs.

Pellet Stoves in Battle Ground WA

Freestanding Pellet Stoves

Morton’s carries freestanding pellet stoves from top brands such as Harman and Lennox.

These manufacturers are known for building the most beautiful, compact, and easy-to-maintain fireplaces on the market.

Our stoves feature thermostat control, automatic ignition, venting options, and a broad range of styles to fit any environment.

Certain models feature touch control systems, quiet-burning, and automatic burning capabilities.

Pellet Stove Fireplace Inserts

Pellet-fueled fireplace inserts have triple the efficiency of traditional wood stoves by eliminating heat loss through chimneys.

These stoves add high-quality, efficient heating to any home without taking up floorspace. Our fireplace inserts are made by top manufacturers like Regency Fireplace Products, Lennox, and Harman.

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