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“I have to say that the advice I got to help with a pellet stove problem was AMAZING. I don’t have money for a spa yet, but when I do, I will purchase from Morton’s. If the way they help a DIY’er trying to maintain his stove is an indication of how they treat customers who make major purchases, you can’t go wrong. Thanks for the help, the “technician’s tip”, and saving me $.”

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No Vancouver, Washington home is complete without a fireplace. But if you’re looking for options beyond traditional log burning stoves, pellet stoves are a clean, efficient alternative.

Pellet stoves provide consistent heat for your home – offering the atmosphere of a traditional fireplace and the convenience of touch-button operation.

If you’re looking for an alternative to central heating, pellet stoves also connect to thermostats for easy automatic settings.

Morton’s wood stove shop in Vancouver, Washington carries a line of top-end pellet, wood, and propane fuel options for your home.


What are the advantages of wood pellets?

Wood Pellet Stoves Vancouver WA
Wood pellets are preferred by many fireplace owners because of their ability to burn long, burn efficiently, and burn clean.

The pellets are made from compressed, recycled sawdust and other waste materials from manufacturing. They have the advantage of burning with less smoke and, contrary to wood logs, they do not harbor pests.

Another advantage is size and weight. Aside from being significantly easier to transport, wood pellets are sold in bags and have a higher efficiency rate. More specifically, a 128-cubic-foot cord of firewood is equivalent to only 80 cubic feet of pellets – both producing the same amount of heat.

Pellet stoves are also praised for their ease of operation and self-sufficiency, providing heat throughout the day or night without needing tending.

Wood pellets are also preferred because they burn with little mess. Due to the material being so compressed, pellets require significantly less storage space than multiple cords of firewood with comparable burning time.

Morton’s stocks a variety of high-quality pellet stoves by leading manufacturers as well as pellet fuel for your convenience.


Morton’s sells freestanding pellet stoves

Morton’s only buys freestanding pellet stoves from top brands with uncompromising standards. Our top vendors, Lennox and Harman, have long-standing reputations for building distinctive, functional cast iron stoves that produce even heat, long burns, and energy-savings.

Many pellet stove models come with thermostat control options, venting, automatic ignition, and a wide range of designs to suit any taste.

Certain models feature touch control systems, quiet-burning, and other automatic settings.


Save floor space with pellet fireplace inserts

Fireplaces fueled by pellets have higher efficiency than traditional wood-burning stoves. These models eliminate heat that is lost through chimneys.

Insert fireplaces provide consistent, efficient heating to any home while fitting conveniently into wall spaces or within existing mantels.

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