Pool FAQs

What Is “Shock”?

Shock is chemical used to oxidize the combined sanitizing chemicals in a pool or spa, in order to free up space for more of the sanitizing chemical. In essence, it sanitizes the water to make sure it is safe for swimmers or soakers. When in doubt “SHOCK IT.”

How Do I Get Rid of Algae In My Pool?

Depending on the type of algae in your pool, there are various types of algaecides and regiments we offer. For common green algae, always be sure that your filter system is clean before beginning the algae clean-up process.

For common algae, follow these easy steps:

  1. Remove any large visible biomass manually or with a vacuum before treating your pool with chemicals.
  2. “Double Shock” your pool with the appropriate “Shock”. Chlorine Sanitized Pools use a special highly concentrated liquid chlorine to kill algae.
  3. Allow the Shock to circulate through your Pool for 1-3 hours before adding an Algae Killer.
  4. Add a “Killing Treatment Dose” of your algaecide to your pool.
  5. Circulate your pool for the next few days, cleaning the filter regularly.

It may take several days for your pool to turn to a clear state. Consider using a Flocculent or Clarifier to speed this process along. Morton’s always recommends speaking with a professional when using poisonous or corrosive chemicals that you are unfamiliar with.

How Do I Open My Pool?

There are plenty of things to do to prepare your pool for the Summer. Below is a Physical Maintenance Self-Checklist and a Chemical Priority List.

Physical Maintenance Self-Checklist

  1. Remove, clean, fold and store pool cover.
  2. Test water balance; adjust calcium, Alkalinity, and pH levels.
  3. Replace stored items; ladders, auto cleaner, baskets, plugs, gauges, etc.
  4. Inspect and test electrical service to pumps, lights, heaters, etc. Load testing.
  5. Lube plugs, fittings, valves and o-rings.
  6. Flood lines; prime-up, start-up and adjust filtration equipment.
  7. Brush tiles/liner and scrub skimmers with cleanser.
  8. Blow off, then hose pool deck.
  9. Skim pool surface. Vacuum pool to waste using portable vacuum equipment.
  10. Super chlorinate to breakpoint levels with liquid chlorine.
  11. Brush pool walls and steps. Re-check chemical levels in 12-24 hrs, adjust as needed.
  12. Backwash filter if pressure gauge rises 8-10 lbs, or flow diminishes considerably.

Chemical Priority List

When your pool is clear, each of the following chemical groups may be adjusted in this order.

  1. Balancers: pH, Alkalinity, Calcium, Cyanuric Acid (for Chlorine pools)
  2. Sanitizers: (Chlorine, Salt, Mineral, OR Biquanide), Shock, Algaecides
  3. Accessory Chemicals: Clarifiers, Coloring Agents, Filter Cleaners, Flocculants

How Do I Winterize My Pool?

It only takes 6 simple steps to winterize your pool.

  1. “Shock It!” This readies the water for the next step.
  2. Use a slow acting algaecide to ensure clear water next year.
  3. Drain the water up to 6″ below the Skimmer System.
  4. Drain all the plumbing lines.
  5. Take in all electrical equipment.
  6. Cover it up and call it good.

How Do I Fix My Cloudy Water?

Cloudy water results from a few different problems. Always check the pH and Alkalinity first. If those are unbalanced, the water may become cloudy. Often, cloudy water is due to fine particles that pass through the filter. Clarifiers are chemical agents that bind these fine particles together, making them bigger, so that the filter will catch them.

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