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Above Ground Swimming Pool

Vancouver, Washington’s Above-Ground Swimming Pool Supplier

Interested in buying a pool this year? Summers are staying hotter longer, and sometimes it’s nice to go for a swim in the privacy of your own backyard.

Soft and hard-sided above ground pools are affordable, easy to set up, and easy to maintain. Morton’s Stoves, Pools & Spas even offer ongoing maintenance and repair service for the lifetime of your pool. Just give us a call and we’ll send over recommended local contractors who offer prompt and friendly service for your pool.

If you’re ever in need of supplies or accessories, Morton’s is centrally located on Mill Plain Boulevard in Vancouver, Washington where we keep a wide range of pool products on-hand all year.

Above-ground pools provide the right amount of ease and flexibility for homeowners who are not ready to commit to a built-in concrete pool.


What Brands of Swimming Pools does Morton’s Carry?

Because Morton’s has been providing pools to Vancouver residents for over thirty years, we have pretty high standards. The swimming pools we carry not only stand up against harsh Northwest winters, they provide a safe, enjoyable experience for people of all ages.

Morton’s proudly sells above-ground soft and hard-sided pools from:

    • Tuff Pools
    • Kona
    • Ponderosa
    • Evolution


A glowing testimonal from one of our loyal pool customers

“I am your typical homeowner with young children that are always looking for some summertime fun. I have purchased those plastic blow-up pools from retail stores in the past, generally having to replace them every year. They are inexpensive and hard to keep clean, always draining and refilling with a lot of water.
I was looking for a pool that I did not have to do that. I went to multiple pool establishments and found Morton’s. The customer relationship that I have built with Morton’s keeps me returning from across town to do business with them. I purchased a 15″ round metal framed pool along with a sand filter to actually keep the pool clean and all of the accessories to do the job. Its all about the customer relationship and Morton’s has that.”


Vancouver WA Soft Sided Pools

Safe, Economical Soft-Sided Pools

Tuff Pools offers rectangle and round shapes ranging from 15 to 30-feet in length. Above-ground pools are exceptionally safe for children with a maximum 4-foot depth and, unlike inground pools, pose no risk for slips and falls around the perimeter. Soft-sided pools’ lack of concrete edges also significantly reduces the risk of cuts and scrapes.

Kona and Tuff Pools round and rectangle Tuff Pool designs are unique in the backyard-swimming-pool market. For our customer’s convenience, Morton’s also sells Kona and Tuff Pools’ personalized line of accessories, equipment, solar and winter pool covers, skimmers, water-testing equipment, and cleaners.

Both Kona Pools and Tuff Pools are a breeze to transport and set up. The structure itself relies on strong snap-together pieces and materials designed to withstand years of use and outdoor-exposure. All of our soft-sided pools are four-feet tall and, depending on the size of your backyard, you may choose sizes ranging from 15 to 30 feet long.

Tuff and Kona portable pools come with a variety of exclusive features, including:

      • Rigid Plumbing
      • Through-the-Wall Skimmer
      • Sturdy Interconnected Frame Design
      • Heavy-Duty Basket and Wier
      • 20-year Warranty on Liner and Hardware
      • PVC-Coated Vinyl with Polyester Weave
      • Customized Locking Ladders
      • Can be Installed in Under One Hour


Durable, Elegant Hard-Sided Swimming Pool

Pools Vancouver WA
Our above-ground swimming pools also come in high-grade metal-frame design for increased durability and aesthetic appeal. These types of backyard pools allow homeowners to experience at-home swimming without committing to a major pool construction project.

Morton’s is a proud supplier of Ponderosa and Evolution brand hard-sided swimming pools; brands that perfectly balance long-term durability with safety and economy.


Increase the Fun of Your Outdoor Space with a Ponderosa Pool

Ponderosa Pool makes above ground options that are perfect for Vancouver homeowners who aren’t quite ready for an in-ground pool. These pools look and feel more permanent than their soft-sided counterparts but offer many of the same benefits including low price and ease of maintenance.

Ponderosa swimming pools feature attractive wall designs that coordinate with the pool frame colors to blend seamlessly into your backyard space. These pools also feature superior wall coatings, frame, and inner stabilizer rails to create a stronger, more durable product.

Ponderosal Pool maximizes your swimming experience at just the right price. Features include:

      • Rigid Rail Construction for a Strong, Integral Pool Frame
      • Galvanized Steel Bottom Rails
      • Color-Coordinated Two-Piece Resin Top Covers
      • Corrosion Resistance
      • Easy Assembly
      • Attractive Design


Evolution Pools: Strong, Elegant, and Affordable

Our customers love Evolution pools for their elegant design, ease of installation, and superior durability.

Morton’s employees are all very knowledgeable about the pools we carry and can help you determine the right size and capacity. We can also provide you with additions and supplies such as automatic pool cleaners, safety ladders, maintenance kits, as well as solar and winter covers.

Evolution Pools’ Features:

      • Superior Integrated Skimming Technology
      • Large 9-inch Top Rail
      • Lifelong Resistance against Corrosion
      • High-Quality Coatings
      • Round and Oval Design Options
      • Models Ranging from 7,500 to 15,000 Gallon Capacity


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