Wood Stoves Battle Ground

Wood Stoves in Battle Ground

Install a Brand New Wood Burning Stove for your Home in Battle Ground, Washington

Nothing compares to the tangible heat, long burn times and atmosphere of burning wood in a beautiful stove.

Bring this traditional heating method into your home with one of our traditional-styled, modern-functioning wood stoves.

With high efficiency levels, evenly distributed heat, and easy operation you’ll burn less fuel, save money, and stay comfortable at home.

Stop by our wood stove shop in Battle Ground today to see which model best suits your needs.


Are wood stoves certified for the state of Washington?

Yes, Washington regulates the types of wood stoves and other wood-burning devices allowed for sale, resale, exchange, or donation. All stoves sold by Morton’s in Battle Ground are certified for use in the state of Washington.

Please refer to Washington’s complete listing of certified stoves on the Washington State Department of Ecology website.


What are the Benefits of Free-Standing Wood Stoves?

Traditional wood-burning stoves have high nostalgic value.

Today’s stoves draw from that traditional ideal while balancing efficient design that burns less wood and creates more heat. Our wood stove manufacturers provide a range of styles from traditional to ornate.

Our freestanding or stove inserts can be installed in most any room in the house, offering unparalleled ambiance and comfort. Stoves can be conventional and efficient wood burners, convenient gas, or pellet-fueled.


Brands of Free-Standing Wood Stoves

Morton’s Stoves in Battle Ground carries Blaze King, Harman, Lennox, Regency, Kuma, Quadra-Fire, and other top-quality brands.

Our cast iron wood burning stoves and fireplaces provide high-efficiency heat that provides comfort even if the power goes out. Functional design features can include easy latch doors, sealed ash drawers, or even cooktop surfaces.


Are Wood Burning Inserts More Efficient?

Go from 25% to upwards of 90% efficient with the addition of a wood insert. Choose your finish to create the desired look and accomplish your heating goals with ease.

Inserts are installed inside an existing masonry fireplace to provide a more efficient, clean burning fire.

Wood Fireplace in Battle Ground WA

Ready for Your Own Wood Burning Fireplace?

Don’t have a fireplace but want one? Look no further. Within a few steps, you can create the traditional look of an authentic fireplace, but with all of today’s modern amenities.

We’ll help you decide which model best suits your home size and even install it for you.

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