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Wood Stoves in Vancouver WA

Can I install a wood burning stove in my mobile home?

Yes, of course. There are a few requirements in the state of Washington for the installation of a wood stove in a mobile home, including:

  • There must be an air source from outside feeding the stove
  • The stove must be grounded to the frame and bolted to the floor
  • DVL Double Wall Pipe must be used inside the home
  • Always Remember that only stoves that have been certified in Washington are permitted to be installed in Washington–Especially Mobile Homes

Wood Fireplace in Vancouver WA

How often should wood stoves be cleaned?

Try to keep the glass clean on a weekly basis. If creosote is overheated and left on the glass, it will become very hard and difficult to remove.

If you’re using your stove frequently, use anti-creosote products to decrease the amount of build-up.

Finally, be sure to have a professional clean the chimney system once a year. This aids draft and reduces the likelihood of chimney fires. See our service and repair page for details on reliable contracts in the area.


Which freestanding wood-burning stove brands does Morton’s carry?

Morton’s Stoves in Vancouver WA carries Blaze King, Harman, Lennox, Regency, Kuma, Quadra-Fire, and other top-quality brands.

Our cast iron fireplaces create high-efficiency heat and comfort without having to rely on electricity. You can choose which features you like by comparing models with sealed ash drawers, latch doors, or cooktop surface options.

Wood Burning Stoves in Vancouver WA

What are the Benefits of Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts?

Central heat is nice, but wood insert fireplaces bring 25% to 90% more efficiency to home heating. Fireplace inserts add attractive focal points to any home and provide a cleaner burning fire.

These types of stoves can be wood pellet, wood, gas pellet, or gas. Gas fuel, however, is a popular choice for Vancouver homeowners, offering ease of operation with no mess or effect on indoor air quality.


Make the Switch to a Wood Burning Fireplace

No need to envy friends and neighbors who heat their home all winter using one of our oldest heating methods. Combine modern functionality with tradition.


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